Welcome to the East Coast Tournaments

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Welcome to the East Coast Tournaments in beautiful Pompano Beach, Florida. March, 2020 will be our 6th year and last year we had 46 teams that participated in this fine event. The East Coast Tournaments are the only Senior Softball Tournaments in Southeast Florida. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new teams & individuals that have not participated in the past. It's a great getaway week, weekend or both for those of you from up North or from anywhere. So, no matter where you're from come & enjoy some great softball, sightseeing, golf, the beaches and many other activities along with the beautiful weather. Check out the other tabs for details, contacts and additional information.
This is what the East Coast Tournaments provides:
1.  Free food, beverages, snacks in the morning and at lunch time everyday for players! And plenty of ice water.
2.  Free Program (with rosters, schedules, photos, rules, standings, divisions and more)
3.  Free hitting clinic
4.  First place awards and maybe second place awards
5.  We provide practice fields, screens & balls prior to Division starts
6.  Plenty of help with discounted Hotels and short/long term rentals
And in closing, I would like to thank all those that have participated in the past for making this Tournament a great success!!
Edward A. Vecchio


"One final note-Congratulations to Ed Vecchio for running a first class tournament the past two weeks. As most of you know, this is not an easy task. Scheduling, coordinating, getting umpires, permits, food, evening out the competition, etc. is no easy task. Kudos not only to Ed, but his three amigos, all present or former members of our club.
John Lytle, who currently has moved from Las Vegas to The Villages was instrumental in setting up the fields, the refreshment area and Ed's registration area as well as umpiring. Angelo Scarcella also was involved in these organizational tasks. Jerry Peters did a fine job scheduling the umpires.
I did not hear of any major brouhahas throughout the tournament due to a lack of competency by any umpire. Jerry, a fine job indeed! And finally, a well deserved pat on the back to our own Pompano Parks Department and field crew.
This morning I arrived at the field at 6:45 AM. Yes, it was totally dark and all fields were not lighted. I sat near the concession stand and watched the same guys who set up our fields smoothing out the infield on their tractors, before dawn! Each field was groomed and lined well before a majority of the players arrived. This aspect is often taken for granted. Not this time! A great big round of applause goes out to the town and our field crew for allowing us to play on well-groomed fields.
That's it for now, fellas - see ya around the ball field!"
Jeff Schrier


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