If you need accommodations [short or long term], please contact ME [Ed Vecchio] for now. Reservations will open up in the fall for our Host Hotels.  Other details to follow later this summer.

  1. Sheraton Suites - Cypress Creek (This is our 3rd year.)
    555 NW 62nd Street
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida   33309
  2. Fort Lauderdale Pompano Beach Marriott Resort & Spa (Our 1st year.)
    1200 North Ocean Blvd.
    Pompano Beach, Florida   33062
  3. Heidi Neto
    The K Company
    Phone:  754-366-8826

The Sheraton Suites and the Marriott are our Host Hotels, and Heidi Neto does monthly rentals (minimum 3 months).  You can call Heidi anytime and book; you DO NOT need to contact me.