Pompano batter swinging at plate
Photos by Brian Emmett Hall
Dorsey pitcher
Delaware All Stars pitcher
Batter swinging
Easy Way batter swing
Minutemen runner at third base
Naylors Kitchen 2B runner
Batter swinging
End of game handshake ~ Cool Bands and Pompano Sr
Cool Bands SS fielding ball
Cool Bands SS putout
Easy Way batter swing
Naylors Kitchen rounding 3rd base
Putout from 3rd base
LaBatts Copley with a putout
LaBatts pitcher
LaBatts Flickner
LaBatts batter follow through
Delaware Stars pitcher
Mogs batter
Mogs Garciappara leading off 1st base
Mogs batter,Garciaparra swings
Easy Way batter
Delaware Stars 1B
Easy Way 3B swings away
Easy Way SS making throw to 3B
Naylors Kitchen at 3B
Mogs pitcher
Delaware Stars player crosses home plate
Delaware Stars batter swinging bat
Cool Bands team photo
MOGS team photo
Mogs batter power shot
Cool Bands catcher
Cape and Save Team Photo
Labatt team photo
Delaware Stars team
Dorsey team
Minutemen on 2B
Pompano 1st Base
Minutemen team photo
Canada Dockside team photo
Raffle winners!
Green Shirt pitcher
Canada batter
NE 1B holding on Canada runner
Eddie and massage
Canadian batter
NE team
Medic Spobaie